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Shoe Size:
Coat/Dress Size:
Doubles 1:
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Unique Traits:



5 ft. 8 in.

170 pounds








42 Reg


Fred Armisen

Ramon Franco

Miguel Sandoval

Geoffrey Rivas

Tattoos (Got Them)

Multi Ethnic

Core Members

Mobile:     415-203-3607


Address:  San Francisco / L.A.




AMPTP       Set Safety Training Certified
                       IL # 293B938ADC

                       Safe Sets International
                       Covid-19 Level-A Certified

                       Covid-19 Compliance Officer


 Television Emmys Stunt Peer Group           Member


Taurus World Stunt Awards Committee Member





Film Credits

Splash City

Eyes in The Trees



Princeton's in the Mix

No Address 

AFI: Armageddon

Beverly HIlls Cop: Axel Foley

Our Story Untold


Wilder Than Her



Dope Queens

Venom 2 / Carnage

The Alternate

Women is Losers

All Day and A Night

The Last Black Man in SF
Sorry to Bother Your

Notorius Nick
Emerald Run

Good Kidd

Take the 10 aka S.B.Bound


Pushing Dead

Live or Die in La Honda

Case No.13 aka Delirium

MDMA aka Cardinal X


Ant Man

The Boat Builder

August Falls

Mind City Terror

San Andreas

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

War Path


About Cherry

Knife Fight

Neon Sky


Just Under a Million

Paradise Club


"La Mission"

Red Run (Short

Stitch in Time

Cassandra's Echo


All About Evil

Harrison Montgomery

Wondrous Woman (Short

Rent (The Mothion Picture"

Bicentennial Man

True Crime

A Smile Like Yours

Dog Watch (Video)

Somebody is Waiting

Strawberry Road


The Big Top

The Division

Gerald and Janet

Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Driver

Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Rigger

Stunt Coordinator / SAG Interim agreed prod.

Stunt Coordinator / Short

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator, Rigging Coordinator, Stunt Driver

Stunt Flying Rigging Coordinator / Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Driver - Featured - MU Guy

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Driving Coordinator / Stunt Driver / Oakland Unit

Stunt Coordinator

Camera Truck - Trailer Driver / Safety Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator 

Stunt Coordinator / Supervising Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Street Thug

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Coordinator / Specialty Stunt w/ Lakeith Stanfield

Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Rigger / Stunt Driving Dbl

Utility Stunts / Kidnapper - Borracho

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator/ Designer / Rigger

Stunt Coordinator / Biker

Stunt Coordinator / Gunman #2

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Driving Dbl. Michael Pena'

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator - Role of Henchman

Stunt Rigger - Coordinator

Stunt Rigger

Stunt Coordinator - Water Work - Safety

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Action Coordinator / Fight Consultant

Actor: Supervisor Robert Gonzales

Principal LEAD: Ray

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Driver (Multiple Vehicles)

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Action Coordinator / Fight Consultant / Safety

Stunt Player

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Double: Octavio Gomez

Stunt Coordinator

Stunts / Stunt Cop

Utility Stunts / Cathedral Worker

Stunts / Precision Driver

Stunt Driver


Principle Stunt Double


Actor: Biker

Stunt Rigging / Stunt Coordinator

Stunts / Featured Thug

Stunt Coordinator

Dir. Alex Ferrufino / 4 Ways Entertainment

Dir. Timothy Woodward Jr. / Eyes in the Trees LLC

Dir. Sean Wang / Talking Fish Pictures LLC

Dir. Rick Bosner / Bluecreek Pictures

Dir. Jonathan DiMaio / PITM Productions

Dir. Julia Verdin / Robert Craig Films

Dir. Wayne Leman / Amazing Facts International Prod.

Dir. Rodrigo Valdez / Eddie Murphy Prods. SC Kyle Woods

Dir. Alia Ripley / Our Story Untold Prods.

Dir. Randall Park / Topic Studios

Dir. Jessica Kozak / Bombo & Sports Entertainment

Dir. Babak Jalali / Butimar Productions

Dir. Jeanette Harrison / Alter Theater Film Prods.

Dir. Grafton Reyes Doyle / Tommorowland Prods.

Dir. Andy Serkis / Marvel Studios / SC Jim Churchman

Dir. Alrik Bursell / Be Media LLC

Dir. Lissette Feliciano / Look at the Moon Pictures

Dir. Joe Robert Cole / Netflix / Big Stunna Productions

Dir. Joe Talbot / A24 Plan B / LBMISF LLC
Dir. Boots Riley / Worry Free LLC.
Dir. Aaron Leong / My Hero Prods. / Notorious Nick LLC
Dir. Waymon Boone / Make The Movie LLC.

Dir. Greg Gray / Magnificat Media / SC Tony Snegoff

Dir. Jamari Perry / Mutual Aid Media LLC

Dir. Chester Tam/ Netflix / Silver Linings Ent.

Dir. Evan Cecil/ Mad Rodeo Productions

Dir. Tom E. Brown / Pushing Dead LLC

Dir. Jeff Hammer / Wisco Nation Films

Dir. Johnny Martin / Martini Films

Dir. Angie Wang / Blue Creek Pictures

Dir. Justin Tipping / Animal Kingdom

Dir. Peyton Reed / Big Talk Prod. / SC Jim Churchman

Dir. Arnold Grossman / Blue Creek Pictures

Dir. Sam Hancock / BelleHammer Prods.

Dir. Curtis Jaeger / Cloud Hunter Productions

Dir. Brad Payton / New Line Cinema / SC Keith Campbell

Dir. Marielle Heller / Caviar Prod

Dir. Casey de Fremery / The Marlowe - Pugnetti Co.

Dir. Noah Pritzker / Frederick & Ashbury

Dir. Stephen Elliot / Enderby Ent.

Dir. Bill Guttentag / Divisadero Prictures

Dir. Jennifer Juelich / Neon Sky Films

Dir. Gus Van Sant / Focus Features

Dir. Hester Schell / Mud Pie Prod.

Dir. Carolyn Cavellero / Love Child Prod.

Dir. David Fincher / Paramount / SC Steve Hart

Dir. Peter Bratt / 5-Stick Films

Dir. Brian Benson /

Dir. Jegeesh Magaar / PJB Blue Creek Pictures

Dir. Mike Black / Black Summers Prod.

Dir. Steven Soderberg / Warner Bros. / SC Rocky Capella

Dir. Joshua Grannell / Backlash Films

Dir. Daniel Davilla / Momentum Films / SC Danton Mew

Dir. Chris Del Sordo / Blue Door Films

Dir. Christopher Columbus / Revolution / SC R.Capella

Dir.Christopher Columbus / Warner Bros.

Dir. Clint Eastwood / Warner Brors. / SC Buddy Van Horn

Dir. Keith Samples / Paramount / SC Rocky Capella

Dir. John Langley / Nu Image Films / SC R.L.Tolbert

Dir. Martin Donovan / Redhead Films / SC Chino Binamo

Dir. Koreyoshi Kurahara / Fuji Network / SC R.Capella

Dir. Philip Kaufman / Paramount

Dir. Devon Reed / D.R. Prod

Dir. Various / Lifetime Channel / SC Hugh A'odh O'Brien


Snatched / Hulu Halloween

Seal Team Season 5

Web of Make Believe

Our Flag Means Death

Blindspotting ( the series )


Penny Dreadful-City of Angels

Mayans MC

Tales of The City - 2019

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why


The Last Ship
Angie Tribeca

Bad Judge

The Bridge

The Bridge


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Gang Related

Gang Related

CSI: Miami (1 Episode)

Prototype This! (1 Episode)

Nash Bridges (multiple episodes)

Nash Bridges (multiple episodes)


Americas Most Wanted

Americas Most Wanted

Americas Most Wanted

Sherlock Holmes Return

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Actor / Guillen

Stunt Driver / Featured Agent

Stunt Double Fred Armisen

Stunt Performer and Stunt Safety Rigging ( 2 ep )

Stunt and Stunt Driving Coordinator / Stunt Driver

Stunt, Stunt Actor

Vato Maldito #1 Stunt Driver, Stunt Acting / 2 episodes

Stunt Coordinator San Francisco Unit

Stunt Coordinator San Francisco Segment

Safety Coordinator

Lucas - Stunt Acting Role 3 Episodes Seas.2

Stunt Villager - Squib Hit

Stunt Double / Geoffrey Rivas
Stomach Punched Guest at Quinceanera

Stunt Dbl. Miguel Sandoval